The Harvest House has been a family owned operation since its inception in 1980's. Today,
a new generation of the Berutti Family, continues what the founders Ezio and Carla Berruti started 25 years ago. 

Initially the Harvest House was just a small concession stand at a local tennis club located at
1450 Route 88, in Brick, New Jersey. Ezio and Carla started by selling simple lunch dishes,
however the items were so popular with the club members, the menu soon grew to include
dinner dishes. As popularity grew, Carla & Ezio’s Northern Italian Restaurant was born!
The Berruti family was one of the first to bring Northern Italian cooking to the NJ Shore area.
Ezio and Carla took pride in educating people on Northern Italian cusine, which was much
different then the Italian flavors people were used to. Northern Italian cooking is traditionally
very light with minimal red sauces and certainly no pizza or lasagnas. Over the years, Carla &
Ezio’s Northern Italian Restaurant grew to become one of the NJ Shores most loved Italian spots.

After 18 years of dedication, Ezio Berruti passed away at the young age of 49, and the torch passed to his son, John Berruti. John remodeled Carla & Ezio’s Northern Italian Restaurant, to include a full service Brick Oven Bakery. Thus the Harvest House Restaurant and Brick Oven Bakery was born! Today, the family still uses old world baking techniques, just like they still do in Ezio's hometown of Savona, Italy.

Throughout the years, the wholesale bakery business grew to become the focus of the operation. As more brick ovens were needed, the painful decision was made to close the restaurant and become a full fledge wholesale bakery. Today the Harvest House Bakery services customers throughout the Tri State area. We hope you love our baked goods and enjoy them as much as we do.

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